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Turn to A Trusted Name in Home Repairs and Improvements

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Your home is your biggest investment. Shouldn’t you trust repairs and improvements to a company that can help you preserve the value of your home?

Mister Handyman Westerham – A Difference You Can Feel

Mister Handyman Westerham is a Home Performance and Handyman Contractor covering the Westerham areas. Since our company’s inception in 2009, we have served over 2000 homeowners and commercial businesses while putting our combined 110 years of experience in the field to work. You can’t afford to waste time on over-priced, erratic services. If you need a repair or home improvement professional, you need real help now. Whether you need a bit of help achieving the level of productivity, functionality, or beauty you’ve always desired in your home, Mister Handyman Westerham is available to help.

With us, it's the little things that make a big difference.

  • Over Thirty specialized team members with 10 plus years of experience available to provide excellent service across the area when you need it most.
  • Full service professionals who are licensed, bonded, and insured.
  • Free written quotes are available within 48 hours of your first call to us.
  • Locally owned and operated for the past decade.
  • 24/7 phone service to help you get the fast service you deserve.

Quality Services at Great Rates

Our goal is to ensure you get superior service at a fantastic price, so you’ll never make any payment on the labor fees associated with the job until the job is complete and until you’re completely satisfied. What’s more, though, is that we offer a two year guarantee on the labor services of every job we complete. Combine that with the manufacturer’s materials guarantee, and you have the industries best warrantee and excellent services at prices that fit within your budget.